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  • Into Clarity

    I probably shouldn’t write this but I’m feeling in my power today. The deeper I go, the more clarity I…

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  • We are all walking the tight rope

    Oh no, your car broke down.  Generally, to fix your car you must understand how it works to understand what it is that’s…

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  • The Hidden Consumer

    A lot happened in the decade of the 60’s and 70’s that have changed the world forever.  Most young people…

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  • devil eye

    It’s Time to Look the Devil In the Eye

    What happened to the county I learned about as a child, that we valorize in history as the country that…

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  • I have found the solution to all the world’s problems.

    We all just need to: ‘care to be conscious!’ It’s simple. If all beings just cared to be conscious, the world…

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  • kinnection campout

    I Wish I’d Had a Science Teacher Like This!

    Taylor Gaar reciting an original poem entitled “Quantum Entanglement for the 5th Grade Classroom” at Kinnection Campout 2014 at Lake Avalon, South Carolina.

    Kinnection Campout 2014

    Zac Fabian Productions

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  • inspire with words

    May I inspire you with words!

    I travelled to Central American for 3 months. I felt in touch with my higher self and could feel my intuition clearly.…

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  • Facebook is more important than you think

    “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter…

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  • From Envision to Gratifly: My Transformation

    (Artwork by Gustavo Adolfo | on facebook) my self judgment died, permitting my voice to sound I was on the fence…

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  • Can you live unfree but comfortable?

    This is the question Snowden asks the public in his exclusive interview with The Guardian.   He thinks that it…

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