I have found the solution to all the world’s problems.

I have found the solution to all the world’s problems.
November 26, 2014 admin

We all just need to:

‘care to be conscious!’

It’s simple. If all beings just cared to be conscious, the world would be a dramatically different landscape.

How is this so?

Well it goes like this.

If I care to be conscious, it starts with a very simple mental decision: yes I care or no I don’t.  That’s it.

The Protestants believe that humanity’s sole hope of salvation is solely through faith in Jesus Christ as the savior.  Just like the person of faith, the conscious person just simply believes to care.

Authenticity of belief is irrelevant –

fake it till you make it.

Degree of competency, expertise, discipline, all don’t matter. When you care to be conscious, all your future decisions will naturally align with your higher being. It’s like that one tenet of permaculture that says nature does it best and we should design agricultural systems that not only leave natural occurring systems in place, but better yet, use them to better serve our needs.


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