Can you live unfree but comfortable?

Can you live unfree but comfortable?
July 30, 2013 admin

This is the question Snowden asks the public in his exclusive interview with The Guardian.   He thinks that it is human nature to have complacency and I think I agree with him.  Complacency is just one of the many habits that we hold.  These habits and our freedom tend to exist in contrast with each other.  They are not inherently at odds, but the way in which we live creates widespread habits of thought and practice.  You see some examples of these manifestations with ‘group think’, religious institutions, and political ideologies.  And really our entire construction of reality is crafted from our various habits.  It is natural for one generation to pass down it’s ways of living to another; it is how we education, it is our legacy.  Obviously, not all habits are bad.  To use extreme examples, we sleep every night and breathe all day.  Good habits have and continue to aid in our advancement, technologically or spiritually.  In the same way, our freedom and our habits are balanced to better our lives and enhance survival.

So naturally, we expose ourselves to habits to learn, to get better, smarter, healthier, stronger, etc. But what about bad habits? There are obvious bad physical habits to hold but, more importantly, there are prisons of the mind that are much more dangerous.  This is where I want to direct focus.  We all have patterns of thinking and we control the integrity of these patterns by limiting exposure to outside influences.  We interact with the patterns of the world to create our own form, we call this form our EGO.

We think and move in patterns.

The fact that we our habitual beings is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT facet to those interested in intelligence and control. Simply observe the patterns and apply influence.  This influence can alter the whole system without any one individual being aware. So like Snowden says, we create an ‘architecture of oppression.’  There is no reason why you couldn’t use this kind of influence for more positive results, it just that happens the US government is really into coercion and control.  The US government has been into this business since it’s formation. Influencing systems is at the very foundation of power, and no organization or individual can operate without these influences, whether they are aware of them or not.

These things are so difficult to speak about because up until recently we have not had the descriptions to understand these influences.  Without understanding, you cannot see.  It is possible, but that kind of knowledge is called revelation. These influences on our habits fuel consumerism, perpetuate war and internal angst, and keep us uninformed.

The kind of polity we choose to live in directly influences the kind of lives and the experiences we have.  In this country, we like to think of democracy and freedom, but the truth of the matter, is that we have not seen true democracy in some time. Secrecy is a poison.  It is where freedom goes to die.  If we truly want to manifest heaven on earth, we must look the devil in the eye and remove his influence.  I am deeply grateful that Edward Snowden had the courage to stand up for his beliefs and had the integrity to honor his convictions.  We live in an increasingly expanding time of consciousness and deepening human connection toward the essential oneness at the root of all existence. It is only natural that we learn of these violations. I assure you there are many more to come as the global shift comes to fruition and we rid these bones from our closet!

I write this post in response to this interview with Edward Snowden. For him, it is a matter of principle. “The government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight. The result is people like myself have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to,” he said in an interview with The Guardian.  (>> READ ARTICLE ON THE GUARDIAN ~ click here)

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