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Conscious Evolve is a consulting and services agency that captures the hearts and minds of your audience.

Through beautiful, stunning videography & photography, clean, responsive web design, and innovative digital strategies we aim to be your trusted media partner in building a sustainable and conscious future.

We believe that businesses and organizations can make a positive impact on the world by using their platforms to promote conscious living. We are committed to our client’s success and this global shift, one person, group, and organization at a time.

Photography & Videography

    • High-quality, eye-catching photos that tell your story and promote your brand
    • Professional-grade equipment and editing services
    • Experienced and creative photographers

Web design

    • Responsive and user-friendly websites that help you accomplish your goals
    • Functional and efficient websites that convert visitors into customers
    • Customized and tailored to your specific needs, integrated with social media, search engine optimized

Digital strategies

    • Effective and measurable digital marketing campaigns that help you achieve your business goals
    • Strategic and well-planned digital marketing campaigns that reach your target audience
    • Innovative and creative digital marketing campaigns that stand out from the competition


We develop and execute creative media strategies that help our clients achieve their mission goals. We create content that is aligned with their values and that resonates with their target audiences.

Permaculture Action Network


> Videography
> Photography
> Web Design
> Brand Strategy

Services Provided:

Provided invaluable photography coverage at all the locations for the 2014 tour – See Photos

Filmed the 2014 events & delivered video edits – Watch Example

Created the website and am the webmaster –

Co-wrote the most viewed blog post – ‘How to Turn Your Front Lawn into a Food Forest’

Continued photography coverage for further PAN events – 2018 Permaculture Action Day at Sonic Bloom – See Photos & 2017 Arise Permaculture Action Day

Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Story

It’s true; musicians can be a catalyst for social change! In 2014, I teamed up with the Permaculture Action Network and The Polish Ambassador to do a 6-week tour across the country. We covered over 9,000 miles through 33 cities and 19 states, from San Francisco to New York City, spreading funky beats and permaculture action. My work continues to the present as PAN has partnered with new musicians including Rising Appalachia, Bassnectar, and more!

This movement was inspiring and it showed we have all the power to make the world we want to live in!

Loving Spirit


> Videography
> Web Design
> Course eLearning

Loving Spirit

At Loving Spirit, our ultimate goal is to change the way we think about, prepare for, and respond to grief and loss.

That, in a nutshell is what transforming the journey of loss is all about.  Can we begin to see that death does not render us powerless and can we begin to recover sooner after a major loss?
We think the answer is YES! and we’re helping to facilitate that belief in others. We achieve that goal through the books we publish, our workshops in numerous cities and through public speaking and media opportunities.  We welcome you to become a part of Loving Spirit! 

Services Provided:

Filmed & edited the Loving Spirit Brand Video located on their website!

I developed a learning module that we released in 2020 so anyone could participate in the Loving Spirit course!