Into Clarity

Into Clarity
March 29, 2023 admin

I probably shouldn’t write this but I’m feeling in my power today. The deeper I go, the more clarity I receive, the more I read, the more I see, the more I travel, the more I experience, the farther I push myself, the more I allow myself to be….this all culminates to an overwhelming sense that I am living in the end of times. Now most may read ‘end of times’ and immediately fill in meaning with their own projection of darkness and movie scenarios, maybe ponder something consolatory or even defensive. Please spare me…  I can’t help but see the blind ignorance, the rapidly declining health of the population, food chain, water supply, political instability, the list can go on and I didn’t even try that hard…reading Matt Taibbi, Edwardo Galeano, Richard Tarnes, Jose Argueles, again another very large etc…There is a singularity occurring within the metaphysical field of consciousness and intelligence. There is a convergence of science and spirit in the deepening academic and conscious fields, but not on the surface for the average person, there is a divergence, a massive separation.  Now I realize my perspective small, but I spent years studying how the economy works, I spent years studying our polity and how it operates, I spent years of my life reading history of thought from Heroclitus to John Dewey.  Last time I made post like this, people projected their own negativity on me, assured me it’s ok, or it’s better than it used to be. I can only lead a horse to water, but not force it to drink… I personally try not to live in duality, there is only what is.  It serves me well to accept this…So I’m feeling determined today because I believe in the legacy of the Phoenix. I believe we get what we deserve. It’s not a question of whether this is the end or not, it’s what will the end look like. That is where each and every one of YOU come in. While we may not be responsible for this, that, or the other, every choice that we make is infinitely connected in the web.  Yes raising your vibration is important, yes thinking ‘positively’ is important for those that struggle with fear, yes to living consciously, heathy, non-violently.  But these are not given, nor inherent virtues. These are choices we make and if we want these to have any affect other than living in a bliss bubble of self indulgence, than we need to be warriors. I believe this is the time of the warrior spirit. For those not resonate with the fight, sure, focus on your becoming. All is well. It is not given that the world will go the way ‘I’ want it to. I have read numerous accounts in history of the blossoming of higher consciousness in the past, to name the obvious more recent bloom…Buddha, Jesus, Heroclitus, but what happened following some of the most enlightened thinkers of our time…thousands of years of violence, torture, dark periods of greed, manipulation, perversion, etc.  I’m not trying to be anything, I’m just so tired of listening to everyone’s delusions. Call me a delusion if that makes you feel better, but I know what I know and thanks if you actually took the time to read this. Please no normative comments, this post is not a discussion, it’s a call to action. I’m not perfect and you don’t have to be, but I’m feeling determined and I thought y’all should know.

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