May I inspire you with words!

May I inspire you with words!
June 4, 2014 admin
inspire with words

I travelled to Central American for 3 months. I felt in touch with my higher self and could feel my intuition clearly. My connection was as strong as ever and I used this energy to reflect and ponder on the questions and happenings of my experience.

~ Reflections from Central America ~

These are a collection of notes taken on my iPhone and scribbled in my journal when I was in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. There is no particular order. Just a flow of thoughts.


You have an intuitive sense of knowing. Speaking of the dream is a good allegory but you know what’s real. This existence is a sensory fact. There is no good or bad. There is existing and just happenings. Your subjective reality is your experience of the happening. Affected by sensory perceptions, cognitive associations, life experiences, and beliefs. These all form to mold awareness of the present moment. These also greatly vary based on physical life experiences.

The oneness is that deep sense of knowing. We are already one. The fact that we are becoming aware of it really just enhances our collective and singular potential as conscious manifesting beings. So what do we do? I intuit that we continue to experience. Embrace experience.

The experience is the great happening, the convergence of infinite capacity to one present moment of now. 



On Reflection

Reflection is not only important but necessary to the now. Given infinite potential, reflection is what allows us to change the future. Knowledge is unique tool in reflection. Experience of the now is part feeling, and yes it can be a great part, but feeling is habitual and more conditioned by experience. This is the beauty of our consciousness. We can transcend our present moment to continually align with our higher being. Reflection and knowledge are unique human capacities that allow us to transcend the conditioned experience. It is not for every body despite being a universal capacity. I only caution for sometimes the experiences of continual sensory habit can lead to a short circuit loop. But there are vices in both. Fear not, as this is part of experience. Experience without learning can be that dissonance.

Once your see, you don’t need to voice your thoughts. But remember words do carry meaning. Each word carries a lot of potential energy.  People have become sloppy with this essential expression of energetic resonance. Especially when listening: cognitive bias and disillusion carry one’s own projections at the whim of each own’s perspective. Again, fear not. Some energy is better than no energy. And energy has a form and working of its own.



You are alone. You are connected. You are a reflection of the same oneness. Your isolation is a matter of perception and cognition. You are isolated by your understanding, connected by your being. Both are important to your experience. Be and understand. Ignoring either is ignoring your threads of existence in each moment.


We each have unique experience connected by a common thread of existence. We can relate and understand to one unified experience but we are so very different. Every thought we hold is linked in a continued progression of experience through time since birth also influenced by energetic resonances since the beginning of consciousness. Life is an overwhelming pool of sensory perception. We comprehend to act using focused awareness or attention, funneling all the information to one stream of perception molded by our judgments, understandings, life experiences, expectations, etc.



Each word, each moment has different meaning; a sliding spectrum of interpretation and ability to even perceive.



Awareness. It’s a collective awareness. To those that don’t see, how do you share perspective? One step at a time with one tidbit of information. Hold the presence. Carry symbols.. Resonate energetic embodiment.



My thoughts are intimately connected to what is. Sometimes I speak in we. Once you see yourself as the whole, you cannot see otherwise. It changes your perspective infinitely in each passing conscious reactive or reflective moment.  The tangible ideas we spread serve the whole. I, myself, as a small cell in service to the greater experience or planetary phenomenon of life. You cannot separate I. The ego is an illusion. It is a mirror of the self. It’s like looking in a mirror and believing the reflection is you and not the body you inhabit. Each of our bodies is interwoven as a participatory capacity. We are blessed with the choice, or at least, the capacity to believe in choice. We are waking up to ourselves, as cosmic, universal, reflective beings.



Life! What a fragile gem. Existing as a waveform spread with all potential. Such a delicate flower. I collapse all possibilities of existence to make my life and my experience a reality. I choose from the infinite pool what I will observe and what the outcome will be. I set the stage with my perspective. My INTENTIONS resonate and establish a form from intangible consciousness. My thoughts procure my physical existence by constructing forms of understanding. These molds directly affect the cognition of the outside world. They permit the understanding which I literally create and condition what we are and are capable of experiencing.

These molds are what permit us to make sense of the chaos, the flurry of sensory perceptions. They allow us to a stand on shaky ground and walk forward. The interesting facet is that the particular perceptions of reality we see guide our steps in a particular direction. They also craft our understanding of what we think we’re standing on and where we’re going, which actually changes what were standing on.

Is there some thing that we are actually standing on? My senses perceive there is. How much can I influences these evolving systems around me and how much am I influenced by the very same morphogenic bodies? Am i who I think I am? Who am I really? I sense the I. I intuitively know the I. But the experience of I is a delusion and very  fact at the same time. What a paradox? Or is the struggle with my perspective. To see what’s already in front of me with a different vision, a new way of thinking. Exactly why reflective awareness is so important. Sensory indulgence causes atrophy.

In a fleeting moment, I’m gone. But am I here again?

We have the gift of universal consciousness. The universe produces itself. It is self organizing. A conscious thought of infinite magnitude. We can change consciousness. We can change matter


To each their own. 

To each person, they have the freedom for capacity of choice. Given possibility, you can choose your course. To each person, given your current, you can follow your path.

But the choice and the path are inexorably tied in the infinite continuous web of experience with all beings in existence. Your choices and path affect the greater conscious experience.

To each their own but not freedom in result. The result is reflected through all conscious experience and an egoistic result is certainly to each their own, but I don’t believe in possession of experience in this solitary way needed for the expression to be realized. We are intrinsically linked to the cosmic happening and each and every strand of the web of infinite experience and possibilities.

To each their own ignorance is more like it. Subjective experience is more a perspective of the unconscious mind. Awareness taps into the intricately woven system of interrelated experience to the point of embracing gaia theory.

How are you feeling? 

I think this question is precarious. If you are caught in the situation of contemplating how are you.. What does this mean? You do you feel? How is your body? How is your mind? The realities of life create many stresses on our mind, body, and emotions. We are graced with infinite potential. How are you is a question of form. It forces your mind to focus on constructing an energetic resonance to evaluate your self and then send it in construction to the one who comes with the question. Who are you? What are you? Can you communicate that accurately in words? Constructing your mind, body, and emotion into an answer for how are you converges your infinite possibility for the moment. It focuses on the present past and can deter thoughts to reflect on unchanged occurrences. Especially trying to answer the how since it fishes for a subjective good, bad, or somewhere in between. There are many better questions that don’t force someone to first form themselves, converging their infinite potential, to a few words. These words hand meaning and real tangible implications but it is mostly about the fact that answering the how projects forms.

Forms that are not necessarily shared in perspectives or desires.

You are 100% responsible for everything you see!



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