Understanding ‘Wealth Inequality’ in six minutes

Understanding ‘Wealth Inequality’ in six minutes
May 15, 2013 admin

I like the way the video clearly outlines the Harvard research in a way that easy to follow and easy to imagine.  I find one of the hardest parts to sharing knowledge relating to the economy, money, or wealth is that most people’s perceptions of how things work are very mis-informed.  I can relate with so much misinformation and targeted advertising it can be difficult to get a hand on what’s going on.

With intention & an open mind, I have faith people will be able to see what our current economic landscape actually looks like. I think it’s important to have an accurate perception of where we all stand.  Sometimes people ask, ‘what is the point of spreading awareness?” My answer is it allows for informed future decision-making.  Videos like these are essential to reach out and hopefully catch someone’s eye long enough to stimulate a thought or a question… The more aware we are of our surroundings and the more conscious we are of our being, the better overall community we shall forge.

The next questions I have are 1) what should we do about it? 2) what can we do about it?

BUT FIRST, check out the video. It’s pretty awesome >>

I like what upworthy wrote about it –

This pretty much speaks for itself. At 1:05, I get a rude awakening. At 1:41, he starts talking about you. At 2:24, he says a “bad” word. At 3:50, he kind of breaks my brain. At 4:50, he lets you know how broke you really are. At 5:20, he rubs it in. And at 5:50, he points out that reality isn’t close to what we think it is.



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