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  • The Hidden Consumer

    A lot happened in the decade of the 60’s and 70’s that have changed the world forever.  Most young people…

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  • inspire with words

    May I inspire you with words!

    I travelled to Central American for 3 months. I felt in touch with my higher self and could feel my intuition clearly.…

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  • The Calorie Is a Myth –

    It’s about time the Calorie dies. I think it’s grip on nutritional and health minded folk is precarious.  It ends up being…

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  • Understanding ‘Wealth Inequality’ in six minutes

    I like the way the video clearly outlines the Harvard research in a way that easy to follow and easy…

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  • Beauty is Healing

    “I hope that my art can inspire everyone to feel empowered to create the beauty they wish to see in…

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  • To be or not to be…

    I don’t think the most important question we face is as Shakespeare’s Hamlet posed, ‘to be or not to be.’…

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  • Trying to understand money

    I took some time here to wrap my head around the way money works and I thought I try to…

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  • Waste less

    Decrease your waste! Use more re-usable & recyclable materials — Resources & info on reducing waste coming soon!

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    Stop watching the news!

    Thoughts from Bonnaroo 2011 –

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