Beauty is Healing

Beauty is Healing
December 14, 2012 Idea Guy

“I hope that my art can inspire everyone to feel empowered to create the beauty they wish to see in the world. My life was confusing and felt quite harsh and ugly, until I began making it beautiful myself through artistic expression. Every person can do this… Trust yourself and allow the spirit of creativity to flow through you, and you will most likely end up amazed at what you can do.” ~ Ka Kathryn Amorastreya

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The world and everything in it is always vibrating; resonating at infinitely many frequencies.  They are natural vibrations that comprise the oscillation of existence, at the center of it all.  These energies can be tapped into or channeled. They manifest in art, in music, in thought, everywhere.  It is amazing the work of those masterful artists aware and purposeful.  They produce works of art that affect.  I really enjoy EarthCry for this reason.  He produces music with an eye for healing – “EarthCry is how I am choosing to respond to a calling to create music that heals the planet its people. The first project I am presently working on focuses on ancient solfeggio frequencies and should be released sometime in early 2013”

Check out this track! It starts with the frequency 741

741 Hz Frequency is one of  the six ancient solfeggio frequencies. Each and every frequency has its unique properties which can make positive affect, change, and even self healing741 Hz Frequency is a sound frequency which have an influence on us by awakening our intuition and expanding self consciousness.

‘741 – Cultivating Intuition’ – EarthCry

It’s interesting frequency 528 has been linked with DNA repair. Read about the research ->

Ka Kathryn Amorastreya – Art of Dance


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