• From Envision to Gratifly: My Transformation

    (Artwork by Gustavo Adolfo | on facebook) my self judgment died, permitting my voice to sound I was on the fence…

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  • Can you live unfree but comfortable?

    This is the question Snowden asks the public in his exclusive interview with The Guardian.   He thinks that it…

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  • The Calorie Is a Myth –

    It’s about time the Calorie dies. I think it’s grip on nutritional and health minded folk is precarious.  It ends up being…

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  • overview

    The Overview Effect: The Film

    You must watch this film! Absolutely! Watch it right now!

    Seriously though…its something so familiar but coming from an unusual perspective. Glad to see how widespread IT is.  IT has been in development quite a while as it appears, but attentions now turn. We focus on the only truth we may come to know…watch to find out <


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