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    “You can either sit in your basement or get out there and do crazy stuff…”

    Extremely moving video about Zach Sobiech who discovered that he had a terminal cancer at the age of 14. He decided that instead of waiting around, he was going to do something…and do something great, he did!

    We get so deep rooted in our daily habit, we forget to take a breath and remember what’s really important.  This video reminded me to take advantage of life; it put my problems in perspective and opens the door to possibility. I find myself being my own constraint daily. I have to continually tone down my self-criticism to pave the way for positive thinking.  It’s difficult but I think worth all the effort.  I believe that we constantly mold the world we live on based on what we see in the world.  If we focus on the negative, then the world takes on a grim hue. If we focus on positive energy, not only are we seeing a better world, we are actually manifesting that world into reality.    This is something I learned and I believe key to our future existence.  It’s not about tuning out the negative things that occur, obviously they still happen. It’s about finding the other sides, as there always are many.  You create what you see. You control your world. Take charge so we can create  a better world together!

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