Why ideas?

The world I believe in is one where embracing your light doesn’t mean ignoring your dark.

A Consciousness Evolution is long overdue.

Ideas are the most important thing we share as humans.  Creating and sharing ideas are the most important functions of existing together.

While out on the streets, it is important to remember that the real revolution is of consciousness.  Knowledge provides the channels for deeper understanding and is thus a precursor to achieving higher consciousness. Continual creation and sharing of ideas for all people promotes diverse stimulation for even the most deprived communities.  Enriched environments offer enhanced learning potential for persons inhibited by the status quo.  The spread of knowledge foster channels of free exchange so that the people of the world may be united in progress. Together, we can achieve a higher understanding, a collective conscious awakening.  In this enlightened state we can peacefully coexist spending our energies on technologies, innovations, and passions.

My name is Zac Fabian. I’m the ‘Idea Guy.’ I spread ideas.

My goal is to promote and encourage the dissemination of ideas by all people so that they may expand their mind, change their habits, or even just to think.

I will share ideas that I discover, hopefully encouraging others to do the same.  Good ideas can be contagious, given a proper mechanism that ensures their free exchange.  Great ideas have the power to transform the world and our reality.  The best ideas can put humans on a path towards sustainable, mindful experience that only the future can behold.

What is an idea? A thought, a concept, an evolving consciousness.  Be sure to note that an idea is not a fact. An idea is cause for further inquiry, a reason to dialogue, and a figment of our imagination.  There is an ‘I’ in idea, so dream away, but ideas are intended, ultimately, to be shared. So as William James might say, an idea is not finished until the “last man has had his experience and said his say” (The Moral Philosopher and The Moral Life).  Which, to the point is not possible unless mankind goes extinct leaving no man left to speak on the matter. Ideas are moldable figments meant to be beaten and battered through rigorous exchange.  Not all ideas are the best ideas, but even a good idea can alter your reality or the experience of others.