Give Campaign

The best idea there is which lies at the very heart and foundation of our universe is the act of giving.  It may not make sense at first, but giving is man’s most sacred talent. The concept is easy – each person gives as much or as little as they afford.  Not money though.  More money equals more debt (If this doesn’t make sense, click here for understanding) and we certainly don’t want to add more material illusions.  We are looking to expand conscious, expand experience.  For this, you must give. Give what you most desire; or give thought, give art, give expression, give love or passion, craft or labor, time or patience, give sustenance.  Bottum line just give.  That’s how it starts, at least.  And maybe you’ll start to see things clearly. That all life is a gift which we must cherish by giving back something.


Why Give?

All heady philosophical jargon aside, giving has a very real and practical impact on those that receive and those that give.  Just give it a try.  Seriously, I could go on explaining the psychological and social benefits of how receiving a gift can change someone’s day and how giving makes you feel good…or you could just simply give the next person you see a small gift; a token of your appreciation, a sign of friendship or affection.  Trust me, see what happens.*

*Each person is unique having their own life experiences, up-bringing and perspectives.  I say this as a reminder that not everyone is so receptive.  Even though the majority of people in the world respond to our social bonds, there are many that don’t.  If someone doesn’t appreciate or respond as you hoped, don’t let it stop you. Just keep giving.

What should you give?

Start small, with your closest friends or family.  Spread to your neighbors, to those in your community, to random people you meet.  The goal is to be giving as much as can.  Gifts come in all forms.  A gift is anything that you fathom or create and spread to others. It can be food, a painting, a car, an idea, a complement, etc.  The point is that you understand the act of giving and you practice it repeatedly.


I challenge you to give more and bigger than you even thought you could.  You’re breaking boundaries and expanding consciousness while affecting those that you gift.  Add to the collective human experience. Go ahead, it’s really not hard.