Get Involved

Don’t be just another cog in the wheel, get involved today!

It starts with beginning to understand existence as the mutual sharing of endeavors by all beings.  It’s an intuition, it’s a bond, it’s an energy force that permeates the body through mind.  It’s what the Buddhists teach of awakening and the humanists of connection.  We are are intricately bound in an infinite web of energy.  We exist as a temporal manifestation of a relentless force evolving since the beginning.  Some search their whole life for meaning, but meaning is so very simple – to exist or to ek-sist. To transcend the material and be a devout be-er.  Be, that is all.  Better yet, be a body of conscious reflective awareness or infinite creation.

Caution this may lead to the following side effects –

  • increase in artistic expression
  • less mindless activity
  • accumulation of crafty items
  • increase in sharing and connection


Simple things to try today >

  • self reflection
  • yoga
  • general pondering
  • dialogues with others

Get serious and >

  • meditate
  • acquire or share knowledge

Or do what you were meant to >

  • spiritual development
  • manifest human potential and create something. Design, construct, craft, organize, assemble, postulate, etc. Your mind is the limit, if you can think it, you can do it.