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Break into a Flow

  Flow is essentially an out-of-body experience created when consciousness and behavior are united.  When one is in the “zone,” all your actions become so synchronized that even though you think you are in full control, your body is essentially carrying itself.  When you pour all of yourself into a[…]

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Go Off the Grid

Perhaps are largest entrapment to the power structure is our continual dependence on non-renewable energy.  Solar, wind, and geo-thermal technologies have finally reached a point where they are practical for general use. Outfit your house, apartment, tent, or living space with with renewable energy sources. The connection between the production[…]

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We spend a large part of our lives eating. Fortunately with technological advances we don’t spend each and every day, hunting, gathering, and harvesting our crops.  But we’ve strayed a little too far towards convenience.  A small glance at our food system will leave you stunned at the industrial methods we[…]

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