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  • Break into a Flow

      Flow is essentially an out-of-body experience created when consciousness and behavior are united.¬† When one is in the “zone,”…

  • Go Off the Grid

    Perhaps are largest entrapment to the power structure is our continual dependence on non-renewable energy. ¬†Solar, wind, and geo-thermal technologies…

    by Idea Guy
  • Attend Music, Art, Or Community Festivals

    It’s a wonderful world out there and it’s time to connect with people who feel the same! Enough of this…

    by Idea Guy
  • – – Move Your $$ – – >>> >> >

    Maybe you don’t understand how the economy works or how BIG BANKS like Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP…

    by Idea Guy

    We spend a large part of our lives eating. Fortunately with technological advances we don’t spend each and every day,…

    by Idea Guy
  • Trying to understand money

    I took some time here to wrap my head around the way money works and I thought I try to…

    by Idea Guy
  • Waste less

    Decrease your waste! Use more re-usable & recyclable materials — Resources & info on reducing waste coming soon!

    by Idea Guy
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    Stop watching the news!

    Thoughts from Bonnaroo 2011 –

    by Idea Guy